domingo, 19 de agosto de 2007


The noxious products to the health are a topic that the society had questioned of permanent way and if these they are consumed by the young continuation i will speak to them of what is the consumption of the drugs, the alcoholism and the tobacco.

Those drugs are a product consumed by many youths by diverse causes, like one knows they are noxious products to the health and some effects that take place they are the following ones:
Hallucination: False perception in some of the five sensorial modalities without external estimulation that provoke it, in which objects y/o nonexistent beings are perceived. The hallucinations are possible in the intermediate state between vigil and dream (hallucinations that are absolutely normal), or in the course of a delirium , delirium tremens, for an extreme fatigue, or under the effects of the hypnosis.

Spending to another topic in the years seventies the indexes of alcoholism was of sixty five% on the part of the adults and the adults and in the last years the index of alcoholism had changed to pass that sixty five to the young part is a pain but the data indicate this way it.
Alcoholism, chronic and habitually progressive illness taken place by the excessive ingestion of ethylic alcohol, well in form of alcoholic drinks or as constituent of other substances. The OMS defines the alcoholism like the daily ingestion of superior alcohol to fifty five grams in the woman and seventy grams in the man (a glass of liquor or a cocktail has fourty grams of alcohol, a quarter of litter of wine 30 grams and a quarter of litter of beer 15 grams approximately). The alcoholism seems to be produced by the combination of diverse physiologic, psychological and genetic factors. It is characterized by an emotional and sometimes organic dependence of the alcohol, and it produces a progressive cerebral damage and finally the death.

I identify me a lot with this topic for that people that have gotten lost in the consumption of the alcohol and the drugs have known and some that have ended up making madness being under the effects of these.
This investigation eliminated doubts on the topic and it will allow people with problems of this type to learn to be without being discriminated against.

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